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A very sad Christmas for us defense conservatives

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  1. Duh? Shortguy, gosh golly gee do you think that we spend more because we do more…?? The United States is like the ‘food bank’ or central supply for almost every country in the world. We augement physical presense & supplies throughout even though ‘most’ don’t like us. Frankly, I believe this is where most of the ‘excess’ spending lies & needs to halt. The $200 hammer pales in comparison. However, that being said, do you really believe that when the waring factions are in full swing all around us, ‘this’ is a smart place to start the cuts??? Personal is the largest expense a company (or country) faces in daily operations, so perhaps a dozen czars of questional value & excess clerks, commitee figure heads, etc on goverment ‘dole’ should get the attention first.If this little man squating in the White House (rent free) is sending small contingensies to Africa I truly prefer to have them well & heavily armed. AND when this ‘training is complete they should NOT arm the Africans as we have done with Mexico. Guess you’ve heard that a strong military makes for a strong Nation….That take $$$. The money spent by the Obamas on this one trek to Hawaii is MORE than WE PAY 100 soldiers a year.!!!
    And let’s not forget. wtih this election Obama plans to work more with Putin…

  2. Yes, definitely a bad year for industry shills. Er, I mean defense conservatives. The US already spends more on defense than the rest of the world COMBINED. Surplus capability leads to foreign adventurism and hubristic dreams of global dominance (mere overwhelming superiority being not nearly good enough). As a thoughtful American taxpayer I hope you enjoy many more Christmases like this one.

    • The US does not spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined. Not even close. According to SIPRI, the US is responsible for ca. 43% of the world’s total military spending – and SIPRI’s numbers for China and Russia are woefully understated (they admit to only $143 bn for China in FY2012, instead of the $180 bn to $250 bn that China really spent this year). If those figures for China and Russia were corrected, America’s share would’ve been even smaller.

      America does not have any “surplus” military capability; in fact, the US military’s capabilities are declining and have been for several years. The US military is no longer overwhelmingly superior and hasn’t been for many years, as China and Russia have already caught up with the US in most respects and are working hard on closing the few remaining gaps. Military capability does not lead to foreign adventurism – only human stupidity and lack of due consideration before going to war leads to that. Such mistakes have been made by military giants and weaklings alike.

      And I’m not an industry shill. I do not work, and have never worked, for any defense company.

      You claim to be an American taxpayer, but you have a German email address (at gmx.de) and a German IP number.

      In other words, every single one of your claims – just like all claims of other defense cuts supporters – is a blatant lie.