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Instrumental Rationality: How Progressives Use People as Means to a Political End

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  1. Progressivism came to this country in the 1880’s and has been growing ever since. It has infiltrated both parties and is especially harmful to the Republicans, because they were looked to for honor, integrity,and pro American policies. Many of these progressives call themselves conservatives and even the MSM calls them that, but they are far from it. Benjamin Franklin once said “those that sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither”. Sacrificing freedom for safety is the mind set our society today, because of the years of being programed by the progressives that government knows best. Real conservatives have never bought into that thinking, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are still front most.

  2. Kyle, another ‘good’ work. You said, “the progressive is incapable to trusting himself” Would it not be necessary to actually ‘know’ oneself first?…A small child tightly grips his mother’s hand when first crossing the street, as he discovers his own ability, he gradually loosens the grip & crosses on his own…some never loosen the grip & continue through ‘adulthood’ to be led, only to become parrots/slaves/ mini-me’s to the progressive masters of their mind & soul. It is a great deal easier & avoids the bumps & brusies of ‘thinking & acting on one’s own may bring…They learn not to accept responsibility, but to loudly proclaim any wrongs were done by those ‘different’ from selves.

    Some 35 years ago I had the opportunity to speak with & council highschool students. Repeatedly I was astounded by how many did NOT know How to think or rctually reason & unable to ‘problem solve’ without quotes or published theroy. Apparently this is a malignacy that still exists today.

    “What GOD has joined together, let NO man put asunder” is most often used as part of weddings, but it also be read & mean “What GOD has created..let no man put asunder…To Include “FREE-WILL”… & “if you don’t use it, you lose it”

    Yes ‘Socialism does destroy” so I continue to guard my defenses.

    Had thought to comment on Jon’s post, but have decided that he just enjoys the arguement.

  3. Sorry, technical problems… Oh, what about the leak in the gulf? Conservatives may have been praying and grieving, but they were also working to limit BP’s liability. Hey, what about the Benghazi attack where instead of praying and grieving (or even being angry at the actual attackers) I heard nothing but conspiracy theories from the right. You would have thought President Obama himself had stormed the compound. The behavior I see most when one of these things happen is that There is a desire to show these tragedies as anomalies That are inconsistent with reality. We don’t have to do anything about offshore drilling because the BP disaster was an isolated incident and nothing about the way things are done should be examined, is the attitude that I saw after that particular tragedy. Sure there have been several mass shootings recently in this country (The Fort Hood shooting, the dark Knight rises shooting, and now this recent shooting in Connecticut), But we don’t need to do anything about our gun laws. Praying and grieving are appropriate things to do after tragedy, but they don’t do anything to prevent a similar event.

    • Yeah, but I’m an Objectivist, so I didn’t say that praying and grieving did anything. I just explained why conservatives do — because they value individual human lives. Progressives think they do, but they actually care about “humanity,” propose cookie-cutter solutions to everything in the name of “equality,” and use blacks, womens, and other victims groups as a means to their ends. Conservatives are individualists who have a hard time picking pizza toppings, let alone trying to run the lives of other people. The right is filled with people who want to leave others alone and to be left alone. Progressives are do-gooder, know-it-all control freaks who live immoral lives and want to micro-manage the lives of others.

  4. Mr. Becker, I got one paragraph in-nay, two sentences before I kinda had to respond. Don’t pretend that just being conservative makes you virtuous. I’m sure what you’re saying about praying and grieving is true for you, but it is by no means a blanket description. I can think of several examples of major tragedies on a similar scale to the Sandyhook shooting where the conservative response was fairly self-serving. The September 11 attacks touched off massive changes that promoted a radical neocon agenda (rendition programs, torture-oh, I’m sorry, enhanced interrogation techniques that were used during the Inquisition, increased surveillance of domestic minorities, programs that monitored privateemail and cell phone