Why Obama’s Election Win Did Not Defeat Conservative America

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  • Kevin you’ver given quite a complete & uncomplicated review of “What the heck Happened?” Like most voters, I’m not short on emotion, reasons/excuses or blame. And at least a fair portion of posts have shared many of my opinions. I also have an urge/need to add my own opine. To start with, There are as many’types’ of conservatives as church denominations that results in a large spectrum of tenets. We all agree with John Adams’ Our Constitution was made only for a moral & religous (People”) People is the key & yet many searched for someone that could actually walk on water. When only a mortal man was available we delayed our support. Oh, we had a goal & knew what we wanted…just no plan Senator Simpson (ret) said that “if a man couldn’t compromise he should never get married”…and perhaps we need to add “Good” to the common sense.

  • What, no comments? Hmmmmm…
    The nation that has legitimized the murder of over 55 million pre-borns, legitimized the term “homosexual marriage”(something never before done in the known history of man), and has legitimized legal theft from those who have to those who have not earned it(Marxism) after succeeding for two prior centuries as the world’s freest and richest nation should not suffer consequences is not born of logic but of a fantastic hope, in vain. It defies the history of man, easily learned, and all of the moral lessons taught by histories both personal and general.
    Better to preach confession/repentance and acceptance of God’s salvation in Christ’s death and resurrection, as the time to do so grows ever shorter, until the night falls upon all of the earth.

    Optimism is good, but the realism that gives birth to preparation is way better.