Why Democrats mask Susan Rice incompetence with White Racism charge

Was Susan Rice incompetent or thrown under the bus by President Obama and White House?

Liberals and democrats have now chosen to open their favorite boogieman door and take out the always convenient racism race card. This time, democrat leaders including the incoming Congressional Black Caucus leader, Cleveland democrat   Rep. Marcia Fudge (D.-Ohio), the incoming chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus went on the attack Friday, November 16th charging racism!  This time the targets were Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Out came the old tired and quite familiar race card.  “How dare these white senators and especially these white men attack this black woman!”  All one can say to these congressional women who sang this same familiar tune. Grow up!  This is not 1962, it is 2012.  Americans lives were lost and facts do matter!

Nearly 2 months ago, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on 5 national news Sunday talk shows selling a lie which covered up the truth of the murders of four Americans at the Benghazi consulate in Libya.  The administration lies have taken on their own life, and on Thursday, November 15th the republican senators demanded answers.

Yes, it does matter that Ambassador Rice covered up the lie about a You Tube video being the reason for the attack on the Benghazi Consulate. The administration it knew to be a lie. It was a fiction that President Obama knew was a lie, and avoided telling the truth about.  It was a lie that Obama’s former CIA Director David Petraeus knew as a lie 24 hours after the deadly 9/11 attack.  Yet, Susan Rice never offered even a scintilla of evidence about an Al Qaeda attack being the reason for the assassination of Americans.

So why go back to the same card game with Americans.  Why the double racial standard?

Why do congresswomen like Cleveland, Ohio congresswoman Marcia Fudge, incoming chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus feel it is necessary to state, “ It’s a shame that whenever anything goes wrong they pick on women and minorities!”
The answer is clear. 

The politics of racism practiced by liberals, by the president, and by white guilt ridden apologists is that they need America to continue to be divided.  They are now the true racists in an America that has moved on. This nation now has a president who is black.  Americans believe that job security, an approaching fiscal cliff and crushing debt is more important than finding imagined racist boogiemen hiding in America’s dark corners.

Susan Rice does not need to be defended on the basis of her race or on her gender.  Susan Rice as any other administration official that plays footloose with the facts concerning the deaths of Americans must be held accountable. There is no two-tier level of responsibility.  American does not have nor need a racial Affirmative Action type of imagined protection for minorities or for women.

If Congresswoman Fudge is so concerned about protecting women who are being subjected to discrimination, not gaze into Obama’s mirror?  After all, it is not senators McCain, Graham, or Ayotte, who are discriminating against women.  It is the hope and change President Obama, openly discriminates against women and embraces the “do as I say and not as I do” rule.  Women are paid up to 17 percent than their male counterparts in the White House!

So liberals and Congressional Black Caucus women, stop this nonsense about racism when the only problem of racism that seems to exist in this nation is a continued embrace of the race card.  How about working toward the day when a Congressional Black Caucus is not necessary.  What about demanding that public officials that lie to America and engage in indefensible incompetent behavior answer to it.

The truth, not fiction, is essential and must be investigated and the results placed before the American public.  It’s simple, race and gender is no defense against the truth. It is about the truth, and nothing but the truth.

This is the 12st century.  In the final analysis, America needs to know that when its sends its sons and daughters to fight a war or to place their lives in danger for this nation, their president will not cover up, will not deceive and will not ignore their sacrifice.

So, Susan Rice come forward and be a woman, and not hide from your conduct or let a president beat his chest like a prehistoric cave man protecting his women from the big bad imaginary republican dinosaurs.  After all, hopefully Obama did not nominate you as a black woman for a job.  Hopefully he nominated you as a woman capable of doing your job and defending your conduct on your own.

Reject the race card being played in your name, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, so that America can move onto matters which impact all Americans, colorblind and one nation under God.

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  • I’m wondering if the CDC should be concern about the spread of stupidity in the liberal/progressive community in Washington DC as being a contagious disease. Maybe isolation would help in controling this dangerous dysfunstional disease. As a suggestion, the Bikini Atoll might be available.

  • I would like to point out that another woman who was actually named Secretary of State towed an official story that later was discovered to be completely false that dealt with a significant terrorist attack. That woman of course was Condoleezza Rice who lied about Iraq’s involvement of the attacks and wrote articles claiming that the country had weapons of mass destruction. These of course were later proven to be blatantly false. Not to minimize the importance of the attacks on the Consulate in Libya, but they pale in comparison to the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the U.S. led invasion of Iraq was…well, here’s one of many litmus tests of sanity.
    Susan Rice, as an Ambassador to the U.N. (and not the National Security Advisor) would not have access to the same materials that Condaleeza Rice would have had when forming her own bogus statements. She did her job, which was to promote what was the CIA assessment that was given. While Condaleeza Rice’s lies have helped cost to date over 4,400 hundred American lives and anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian lives (depending on which study is consulted), Susan Rice’s have led to nothing but more time and a greater understanding of the events surrounding the attack.
    I have looked for articles suggesting that John McCain put Condeleeza Rice through the same wringer and have come up empty. I don’t think it is from lack of trying. I do not want to join the Congressmen who have suggested that race is a motivating factor for the attack. It isn’t. Saying it is clouds the issue.
    “This is the 12st century. In the final analysis, America needs to know that when its sends its sons and daughters to fight a war or to place their lives in danger for this nation, their president will not cover up, will not deceive and will not ignore their sacrifice.”
    I know you did not mean to say 12th century. What I will say is that I hope hope hope you used this same level of rhetoric and outrage when the stakes were much much higher.

    • Supposing anything in that was true, two wrongs make it right? Or are you saying neither were fit?

      • Thanx RM

      • I’m saying that it looks like Susan Rice stalled for time, for what purpose…I don’t know. Condeleeza Rice, however, helped to push the U.S. into something really terrible that has had not insignificant consequences, and I don’t remember this sort of vigorous anger thrown at Condeleeza Rice when her name was suggested as Secretary of State.

  • Of course Susan Rice told a lie ! But WHOSE lie was it? The expression “the less you know the better” plays here. She is, regretably, in a position of authority & recognizable, yet is not privey to, nor attendeds daily Intel briefings (nor does ‘lil Macavilian) AND she follows instructions like a well trained pet, serving her master. Her imortance exists ONLY because it is a pivotal point in the timeline. NOT because of her gender, her position or race. This race card is so covered with caca de toro it needs to be flushed now!! Heads up, my Patriot Friends, “could be better, but it’s gonna get worse”