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Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

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Michael Ohanian is a 30 y/o economist who resides in Maryland. He graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a B.S. in Financial Economics and currently works as a market economist for a private company. He is the owner and chief contributor of the conservative blog The Elephant in the Room: www.loudmouthelephant.com. On Facebook, he runs the blog's page (www.Facebook.com/LMElephantblog) as well. Mike is a permanent panel member for two conservative internet radio shows, OpinioNation and The 405 Live at 10:00pm EST on Wednesday nights and 10:00am EST on Saturday mornings, respectively. To listen, visit http://www.the405radio.com/.


  1. Republicans were quite clear on what their message was during this election cycle. Crystal clear. Let me summarize in no particular order.

    1. Did you fall on hard times or are you poor, or taking unemployment? We’ll then you are a loser and a moocher and we want nothing to do with you so go away.

    2. We love the uber wealthy and will do everything we can to cut their tax rates by also cutting programs that seniors rely on, and will also cut from the poor and middle class. By the way, the big oil subsidies that oil companies receive are just fine and will remain.

    3. Are you taking birth control? Will then you are a whore. Viagra is fine as part of an insurance plan but birth control is out of the question so you women just need to stop acting like prostitutes.

    3. If you are brutally raped and get pregnant as a result, then don’t even think about having an abortion or talk to your doctor about it because we will intervene in that decision making process so just shut up and deal with your rape and pregnancy.

    4. Can’t afford health insurance? Too bad loser. Go to the emergency room and good luck.

    5. Are you a hispanic or a black person? Well clearly you are a thug and a criminal. By the way, latinos steal jobs from real Americans. Ship em all out.

    I could go on and list dozens more but you get the drift.

    The bottom line is that those who voted for Obama did not do so because they think he is doing such a great job. They voted for him because they have become so turned off by what the Republican party has become that they can no longer identify with it.

    • Susan,

      Thank you for your response and basically proving exactly what this article says: that the democrats told a story about the GOP’s positions that wasn’t true. All your points, 1-5 are 100% false. They were told to you by a liberal media machine, and regardless of if you are a democrat or republican, the fact that you put up a comment like this shows you simply went along with the crowd.

      It’s truly sad that people like you take in the information, er, caricature the democrats have provided as fact. I hope that someday you realize that there isn’t only one way of looking at things, and that the democrats have lied their way into office again. About the only thing you missed this time was the oft-repeated Pelosi line “they just want to pass another tax cut for the wealthy.”

      Good luck, and I hope you become de-brainwashed soon.

  2. Jan – Happy Friday, and thank you for the kind words! Yes, educating the people of this country about the wonderful and virtuous platforms of our conservative beliefs is our best asset. We have let the left define us for far too long. For example, they took our pro-life position and turned it into a “war on women.” They took our low tax, pro-capitalism approach and turned it into a “the GOP only cares about its rich friends” position. We need to tell our story, not the left.

    As far as me… yes. I’m an economist and a blogger. I run the blog The Elephant in the Room (first line of this post), and this open letter to the GOP was my original post on that blog. CDN allows me to post my writings here as well. If you visit The Elephant in the Room, please take a deep look. There are over 400 articles there from economic analyses to social debates to foreign policy forums. It’s a conservative blog, but it’s respectful of all views. It is definitely grass roots, but with over 100k views, it has grown rapidly. People like it for its fact-based, pull no punches, no insults opinions. There are free subscription options in the top right of the blog. I recommend email (no spam) that allows you to get daily updates from the blog. If you do visit, this original post (with one update and many comment replies) is the third article down. Please read it in its entirety, and I hope you subscribe not only to The Elephant in the Room, but to helping the GOP cause as well. Thank you, Jan!


  3. What a pleasaant way to start the day…on a postive & constructive note. Thanks, Michael! Like so many, I’ve indulged in my moment of dispair & anger. Now it’s time to address the ‘situation’ & set about our business of correcting the wrong….even if it means setting aside egos. Education is our best weapon & defense. It does not require a college degree, nor a ‘professional’ background. It requires a desire to share & ‘learn’. If I understand you, the only bedrock is that you are a through & through American dedicated to the welfare of this marvelous & exceptional Nation we call home.
    ONE question, you referenced this blog was w/ another (member). Are you established as an organized grassroot ‘group’ or ? structured bloggers?