Was Firing Lindsey Stone Correct for Disrespecting Arlington Cemetery Graves

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  • Not only fire her but deport her.

  • This ‘act’ is dispictable & unacceptable at any cemetary…especially one honoring the heroes that have given us their all…Perhaps a round of “Community Service” would merit consideration.
    Making mandatory that they visit schools to explain the triangle folding of the flag & what each fold means or carry a picture & tell the story of one of our fallen heroes to classrooms….Distressing as this action was, I find it even more so that this age group, in general, has little, if any, concept of our Glorious Nation’s history & the sacrafices made to make it so. Respect & Freedom are just ‘words’ to so many in this age group. Respect is when you give me what I want & freedom is when I do when I want…They have not be taught or been instilled with the moral values of a civilization must have to prosper…I’m afraid that this is another area that has suffered from the lack of my generation’s stewardship…By our Creator’s grace, it’s not too late to start repairs…talk, teach to children, grandchildren…even the carry out at the store…be a mentor in a classroom…take advantage of ‘teachable moments’
    I am grappling, not with the apology, but the WHY in the first place.