U.N. to recognize Palestinian state despite Western opposition

By | November 29, 2012

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One thought on “U.N. to recognize Palestinian state despite Western opposition

  1. Jan Brown

    Any elevation of status will only serve to escalate current behaviour. There is an inherent DISillusion of power on steriods that seems to accompany new found status..(hmph, one only has to look at our own White House for proof) While good old Hillary was trouted out as the big negoiator for Israel & Hamas we have learned that an ‘agreement’ had been reached 24 hours earlier…What consessions/promises were discussed we’ll never know for sure. All we have is the ‘official’ photographers silent picture as to what was said. Just another reason to check Webster’s definition of “transparency”, ’cause it sure isn’t you Daddy’s…Notice that Hillary said “a path to Palistinian’s aspirations” nary a word about our best friend Israel’s. I don’t recall who first said “So goes Israel, so goes the United States” this has never seemed so true as now. Palastine’s Hammas has been repeatedly & abundently clear what they intend to do to ALL Christians & Jews. Susan Rice will vote as instructed & no doubt is not privey to ‘deals’ made. IF a candidate for SS, she will require ‘only’ 6 Republican Senators approval. Make sure your Senator isn’t one of them.

    And Rich, you are wrong about ‘not many’ sharing your opinions…Most of our readers drink coffee, tea or Jack…anything but government supplied kool aid..thanks

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