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They Cannot Lose Something They Never Knew They Had

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  1. Thanks for the feedback! It is unfortunate that politicians (who should be media savvy and able to avoid traps that the media sets for them like that) arent. While their honesty has its merits, one can definitely make the argument that those “gotcha” moments late in the race probably did help sink Mitt’s chances.

    However, I remain optimistic. There IS an awakening taking place. Now the question becomes, how many more can we wake up? Have a good one!

  2. This is a great article! I have lived in socialist countries and I can tell you, while the rich get poorer. The poor get poorer as well!
    Obama care is a disaster waiting to happen and will strip people of their medical liberties. Choice is out the window or unaffordable for most of us.
    The Republicans have done a really poor job of stating the case for liberties of religion, ownership of property, ownership of what to do over one’s life… Once freedom goes, it’s very difficult to get it back.
    I blame the Republican establishment for its loss. With people like ex-Senator Aiken who suggest that women’s bodies spontaneously abort fetuses due to rape not being run out of office by the Republican establishment. They have only themselves to blame! However, I believe the Republican establishment wants to desperately hold on to what little power they have left because they are addicted to power, they will take the party and the country down with them.
    Boehner and McConnell need to quit.