The Real Reason Obama Didn’t Protect Our People

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  • I’m sure that Ms. Darwish is a very nice person. However, in my considerable experience, I have found 99% of Americans so ignorant about Islam that they believe this ridiculous claim of Muslims converting to Christianity—since all Muslims already believe in Jesus Christ. Such a person either never knew anything about Islam in the first place or they are saying the one thing Christians cannot wait to hear: “I have finally accepted Jesus.” Of course Christians have never been very successful in converting Muslims because belief in Jesus is part of Islam. I admit that the Baptists don’t like they way the Muslims believe in Jesus want them to but then they don’t like how the Presbyterians practice, either). I have seen Muslims use this used again and again to infiltrate into the West and end up causing havoc.

  • That is a most compelling picture.
    There is also the one that has been heard that he was orchestrating the kidnap of the ambassador so an exchange could then be put forth of r a “prisoner exchange” for the blind sheik that Morsi has vowed to get released.
    Whatever the case may be, if he is re-elected we are all in deep caca. Prepare for the worst if he is.

    • Thanks for your reply. Yes I have heard that scenario about kidnapping the ambassador,but O hadn;t counted on the seals interferring. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that were true and I bet it is too. This guy was sent here to destroy our country.He has done so much damage now and you are right about us being in deep do-do if he’s re-elected. I want to send him packing.