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The Politically Correct Guide to Racism for Idiots

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  1. Fantastic and beautifully cited!

  2. I find this page quite entertaining, especially the false claim of Democrat racism. First, many of these are exaggerations. Neither me or the majority of people would find criticisms of Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters racist if they sstuck strictly to their policies. It is only when some critics use stereotypical suggestions or slightly racist comments that they are criticized, and with good reason. You are blinded be your own ideology and only see the comments that support your argument. I thought the Democrat racism very funny, Becker you obviously haven’t taken a history class in a while. If you knew about the Democratic party before the 1930’s, you would realize they hold the same ideology the Republican Party holds now. The Southern belt would continuously vote Democratic until around 1940’s-1950’s. Woodrow Wilson was a racist southerner, as are some people now in Louisiana, Alabama, and his home state of Virginia. In comparison, Woodrow Wilson was not supportive of Teddy Roosevelt’s anti trust policies, just as George W Bush would not ensue busting monopoly cases, such as the situation with Microsoft. If you knew anything about Harry Truman you would understand he was one of the biggest advocates of civil rights. The incident you’re referring to is when his campaign adviser thought it would be wise to gain the trust of the KKK in Jackson county because they were so powerful there. Truman was reluctant at first but paid the membership. After meeting with Klan officer Truman did not agree with his racist policies and demanded his $10 back and immediate exit from the klan. Truman in fact desegregated the army and continued to support blacks and Jewish immigrants. The comment about FDR and his forced detainment of Japanese-Americans was a security threat, just as Bush did to many Muslim citizens during the war on terror, mirroring WWII. I do not support this action but I come to realize that in this haunting time, that was an appropriate measure, and I’m sure you would agree if you agree with Bush. The comment about Jimmy Carter’s book is a true but uninformed claim. Carter’s book was about how Israel was uncooperative towards Palestine, which resulted in more war and violence. White supremacists misread this book and thought of it more as an anti-antisemitism book which it was not. Finally, the when you claim LBJ said the N word, I’m sure he did. You must not understand history where saying the N word in the 1960’s was not as bad as it is now. Any smart politician/historian would understand the civil rights movement would not be possible without LBJ. I think it’s funny you miss out on some very big racists. Richard Nixon was a lot worse and that was even after the 1960’s when black people gained a lot more respect and rights. You can look right here http://gawker.com/5712014/richard-nixon-was-even-more-racist-than-you-thought and see many of the things he has said on his tapes. I could go on and on about the inaccurate information on this page and find the title “The Politically Correct Guide to Racism for Idiots” very Ironic. While these may be correct, they are taken out of context and without explaining. I’m not sure whether you’re an idiot or you’re just taking advantage of poor uninformed readers that really need to hear the truth. I worry for people like you that would rather hear what they want to hear, rather than facts and data.

    • Hey Zack, would you like a few more tissues you whiney little troll boy??

      • LOL good argument buddy, that’s really respectable in the political community. I’m glad to know these are the opponents I’m up against 🙂

        • No problem skippy…Hey you might want to give Guinness Records a shout and check to see if you you won for the longest nonsensical paragraph typed out in history…lol

    • Nah, the Democratic party using minority groups – whom they’ve convinced need standards lowered and government help to survive – isn’t racist at all.

      Tell that to these people:

      Malcolm X was right about the Democrats, and it’s only gotten worse!

    • With all due respect, Zach, I find you lecturing me on history to be quite hilarious. And the bit about being blinded by ideology — priceless. A Gawker article — that’s sure to be mind-blowing and intellectually honest, I’m sure. Feel free to comment anytime.

      • If you find it so hilarious then go ahead and argue my points, the fact of the matter is that at least I bring out the full detail in your arguments which you fail to point out. If you know history so well then please argue on an educated level, look past ideology and include all of the detail. No, my source was not the most credible, but neither was yours, I found many other sources to use that was just the easiest. Don’t deny the facts just because of the source, that’s quite lazy for a writer. I could look into any middle school, High school, college level history book to find evidence for my arguments. The thing is, arguing is what this country was founded on, we wouldn’t have the constitution, bill of rights, or the great compromise without it. The problem is that when I bring a different perspective into the mix you are afraid to fight back and immediately attack the writer, which is a fallacy by the way. If you find me lecturing you on history so hilarious, then please, indulge me, I’d love to hear a good argument.

      • Also,

        I am in no way saying that all Republicans are racist or that no Democrats are racist, in fact both are, we’re all just human. I just want to point out that it happens to both sides, not one side more than another but both sides equally. I just want to show you another perspective, however you seem to be afraid of any other kind of perspective and your response attacks my source and my use of diction rather than the argument itself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Zach, I find it ‘mind-blowing’that one who claims in such a rightous, all knowing individual such as yourself, would be so openly brash & quick as to ‘assume’ that if another simply has an opinion that differs from standards & ideals held as tightly as yours would have the gall to call another ‘blined by idealogy’ or “uninformed”. It’s obvious that you have indulged only in information/incidents that support your own views as seen through scaled eyes…Ironic isn’t it, that under the guise of fact, there is deception steeped in sound bytes, fragments of events & your own intolerance? However, your presense here indicates you are reaching out for help….so by all means, visit us again…We’re a pretty good bunch that will share our knowledge & ideas & respect you. But please wean yourself from the shallow & inacraucy of ‘gawker’& the like. “May your path become smoother & brighter”

      • I understand where you’re coming from but a lot of what I’m saying is just fact, such as Harry Truman’s alleged “membership” in the KKK. I respect others’ opinions because I understand everyone has different beliefs based on religion, upbringing, gender, etc. What I don’t like is when people bend the truth or just flat out lie to promote their ideas. How about instead of complaining about my arguments, you argue my points through resources, I will respect that even if I don’t believe that. But don’t sit there and criticize my “intolerance” when I truly just want to ensure historical accuracy.

  3. Great article, but one correction: Byrd’s first name was Robert.

  4. I seriously feel that there is a single word in the English language that is not considered racist by these racist that denounce so called racism in others. This is one of the main reasons that the First Amendment is under attack by the real racist. Freedom of speech is only for those that cannot speak the truth.

  5. No questions-you covered it pretty well