The Left’s Laughable Chart : “Educated” States Voted Obama, “Non-Educated” States Didn’t

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  • You mention state budgets, but you fail to mention the amount of federal money being given to those states. Yes, the blue states have budget issues that they’re working to solve, but the red states take massive amounts of money from the Federal Government. Why don’t you include that in your analysis?

  • “including the fact that, gee, Massachusetts *might* be the most “educated” because of, oh, I don’t know, the number of Ivy League schools that reside in the state (not to mention M.I.T.).”

    Just to make it clear, there is only one Ivy League School in Massachusetts – Harvard. Dartmouth is in New Hampshire, Brown is in Rhode Island, Yale is in Connecticut, Cornell and Columbia are in New York, Princeton is in New Jersey, and UPenn is in Pennsylvania. Glad we cleared that up.