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2 thoughts on “The Ground We Are Standing On Is Quicksand

  1. Capt-Dax

    “It can’t happen here”

    Imagine this scenario:

    Two watchman on the wall lookout across the horizon and see a massive army approaching. One grabs the trumpet and raises it to his lips to warn the people. The other says:

    “Now, wait a minute.

    If you blow that trumpet you are going to scare a lot of people. The people are asleep now.

    Would it not be better to let them sleep peacefully until this army is actually inside the city killing people, and setting the city on fire? The people are not ready to hear about this yet.

    This army has not killed anyone yet. Have they? What can the people do about that army anyway?

    I think it would be better if we just organize a study club to debate about the issues.

    Tell those people who just keep saying “It can’t happen here” to talk with an American Indian or a Japanese American. It has ALREADY happened here.

  2. Slam Dunk

    All I can say is at least the people made it known that we are not going to stand for Barack Obama’s tyranny. He has skirted and violated the constitution since his 1st day in office. Since no one in this government is there to speak for and protect us Conservatives and those that love this great nation against the tyrant in office WE,THE PEOPLE, took a stand! And if Barack HUSSEIN Obama thinks he can get away with destroying this country he needs to think again because there are more of us that love it than not. Our forefathers warned us about tyrants like Obama and gave us explicit instruction on what our government can and cannot do. The people are not the problem here, the government is.

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