The GOP Got Punk’d

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3 thoughts on “The GOP Got Punk’d

  1. Jan Brown

    We can all agree that this election results just plain sucks. If you must play the ‘blame game’ we need to start with ourselves. We,(average American) had NO PLAN, just a GOAL, We wanted Obama & his henchmen out!!(by most any means) We allowed the GOP power brokers to take the lead & grabbed on to what we thought was a lifeline….SUCCESS can only be had through a well executed PLAN that begins with a GOAL, then a step by step way to reach it. It’s a tightrope & one foot in front of the other all the way across, no skipping, no instant gratification. AND NO letting others do it for you! If we want representation like us, it must come from within us. The Tea Parties did this in ’10 but veered fron the agreed on. To those (& there are many) that jump to a 3rd Party solution, I say “Ask any Libertarian how that works.”….Before we can sell this house, we must clean the closets & replace the carpet…

  2. Ed Wallis

    Can we? Yes. Just *not* in the GOP. A new Party is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY now.

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