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2 thoughts on “The “Equal Protection Under the Law” Myth

  1. Jim Clayton

    Good article Warren.Great minds think alike :) I too posted an article on Obamcare and spent about 20 minutes looking for a suitable image to put to it only to find the one I chose was the same as yours. Like I said Great minds think alike.:)

  2. Seipherd

    How about defined benefit plans that are so popular with burros, public unions, politicians and the like? Their pensions are (unequally) protected from market forces and backed by the taxpayers who typically have IRAs and 401ks. Defined benefit plans allows bureaucrats, politicians and unions to run amok thru the private sector with regulations and taxes that cause all sort of harm to the marketplace, but not to their defined benefit pension plans.

    Devolve defined benefit protections into market based pensions and its likely that there will be a different attitude about excessive burdensome regulation and high taxation of the private sector. The schism in politics would likely start to heal.

    Just saying…

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