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The Day America Died

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  2. You really are a sick, demented hateful racist! ALL you cancervatives are!

    I was right! It’s obvious you racists are NO Americans, just racists to the core and your and hate speech is proof of that!

    I’m getting sick of you racist assholes spouting that lie that Obama hates America..NO HE DOESN’T! Why would he want to be President? What’s obvious is that you hate having a intelligent black man as President. That is a fact!

    Do you really think your racist rants and BS fear-mongering will get you anywhere? And you resort to threathening the President? You really are a sick demented asshole! And that’s why you racists lost the election. We, Americans, do not want to give power to you freaks as President Obama’s first term taught that god forbid Romney won, you weren’t gonna make Americans, just whites, Christians  and republicans only!

    Obviously we don’t care about the Bengahzi thing cause it’s no big deal! Four Americans died, BIG FUCKING DEAL! Hundreds of them die every year in this country alone and obviously you don’t care about them NOR the thousands of Americans who died over the lies Bush has told!

    I’m glad the rest of America knows that what I’ve been saying is true:

    Obama is NOT a Muslim, not a Marxist, not a communist, not a dictator nor has ANY desire to be.

    Just the sick rantings of a sad, demented racist bigot that hates all nonwhite, nonchrisitan. Just like how the head racist, Limbaugh taught you how to think!

  3. November 4, 2008
    “The Night they Drove Ole’ America down.” It is now their country and “we can’t raise a Cain back up when he’s in defeat.”
    Future generations will sing lamentations. Then again, maybe not, since future generations will be the descendents of third world immigrants who have no stake in the founding culture and principles that created our once noble and proud nation.