UPDATED! Sex, Lies & Videotape; Petraeus’ Benghazi Problem

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  • I’ve tried several times to comment on this, but for ‘whatever’ I don’t seem able to?????

    • Of course it works now!! So here’s my thoughts. First let me take a moment to indulge in wistful thinking…Wouldn’t it just be grand that infidelity or ‘sex scandals’ were as effective at cleaning out the hallowed halls of Congress & the air over our Capitol?… It seems that ther is a defined & deliberate plan to rid this administrtion of anyone that is of an ‘inconvience’ through Chicago polotics. This futher serves to validate my thoughts on the sudden reversal of John Roberts.This day of all days another slap in the face of our fantastic military & their familes that have given so much so that these greedy, pompous ____ can sit & stroke each other. There are not enough kudos or accolades to fully honor a national treasure like the General & those who actually understand ‘serve’ their country.