Sarah Palin in 2016 Presidential Race is no laughing matter

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  • She is certainly a dynamic & commanding personality & more importantly…she is a leader. I’m not totally sold on her bilities as president, but she certainly in with the cream on top of the milk jug & a great improvement over current offerings. I’m not so sure that she ‘wants’ to b president & had developed quite a lucrative life for herself in 4 yrs. While I might hesitate to vot for her, I’d never bet against her (horseracing fans will get that refrence) NOW the grassroots efforts of the Tea Party have to date been undenieable. BUT now that group is fragmented & splintering in different directions. IF it will re-group, (forget the 3rd party angle) it could grow & dictate the elections in the Legislative branches in 2 yrs & presidential in 2016. Their efforts created more excitement, interest & eduction than any movement in my lifetime (& that covers A LOT of years)
    We cannot expect to find a true total conservative to lead. There is no ideal. No extreme view can lead a diversified nation & must be capable of bending without breaking the branches of their own princibles. We ask & expect so much from a person that we sometime lose focus of what is absolute & what is ideal. Failure of the grassroot people uniting will result in more of the same. Remember it’s God & Country first, then family…then maybe you.

  • Yes, yes, yes…a thousand times yes. If any conservative female is elected, please dear Lord let it be her.

  • Yep. Palin would be great…just not in the G.O.P.

    The G.O.P. does not *want* to change – please refer to Bill Whittle’s video, “What it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism”.

    They talk about Jeb Bush?…and Chris Christie?!?
    ***G.O.P. = R.I.P.***

    Tea Party 2016.

    • G.O.P. = R.I.P.
      They are in a death spiral from which they can never recover, but a new “TEA Conservative Republican Party” might be the vehicle to take Sarah to the White House.
      The present RINO Establishment would hand (has handed) the country over to open Marxist revolutionaries before letting Sarah run under their banner.