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2 thoughts on “Sandra Fluke: Too much for even the earth to bear

  1. Jon

    Well, in the 5th and 6th century a woman was called a whore if they went into the out of doors while they were menstruating, so I think we can put that bygone time behind us.

    Also, aside from standing up for a fairly worthy cause, (receiving health care that she was paying for through her school) if we can credit Sandra Fluke for doing anything it was to remind everyone just what a mean spirited maggot that drug addicted felon Rush Limbaugh really is. I’m not sure who I felt worse for during all of this, Sandra Fluke who was targeted while Limbaugh went on for five days saying really repulsive things only to take it back when his sponsors started to bail on him, or Limbaugh’s dittoheads who were taking in all of that bile, nodding to themselves, and saying, “Yep, good thing I have Rush Limbaugh to do my thinking for me. Rush is right.” It doesn’t matter that he was wrong about the numbers Fluke was presenting, or that he was wrong about the substance of what Fluke was speaking on. In fact, most of the people who comment on what Fluke was saying think she was demanding free birth control so she could have sex every night with randoms she picked up at bars while wearing a skirt that left nothing to the imagination. And all on a Sunday! The Lord’s day!

  2. Jan Brown

    If we pour salt on a slug, it will wither & be gone Hmmm maybe that’d work on leaches also.?? If only…

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