Republicans Will Have to Swallow Tax Hikes

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  • This ‘can’ has been kicked down the road so many times I’ve lost count. I’m not an economical guru, but do know that that it’s lodged in a corner & has no bounce left. It will take ‘guts’ & common sense to salvage any value left. I don’t see a supply of either in D.C. these days…We all know that meaningful legislation in an election year is more ‘hope’ than reality. AND the solution cannot be found in 30 days, regardless of bi-partisnship. This must have escaped their minds last year when they extended “Bush’s tax aka ‘peoples’ tax schedule. OR maybe they didn’t know it was an election year.. or a disaster was on course to overtake us….right?… The House is running around like a lieutenent with a clipboard appearing busy passing a myraid of laws that will never get through the Senate,..The Senate is doing…what? (Proping up old Harry & playing kissy-face with the guy that would be king..perhaps) Term limits look more & more atractive, but that mean State’s need to vastly imporve their vetting processes. I personally believe if we extend the cuts we should also make it mandatory (with regular reports to US)that work should start immediately. AND GOP MAKE PUBLIC LOUD & CLEAR ‘JUST WHAT SPECIFICS YOU RECOMMEND…take away that ‘blame the republican’ bullet. Would offer an opinion if I had one…