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4 thoughts on “Penitentiary President

  1. Gary Troutman

    Why does this continue ? Isn’t there someone in the congrss or the Senate that has enough concern for our country that can take action and not quit until the answers are found out .Who can do it .What can be done . We set here as citizens and watch this administration destroy what my Dad and many others have fought for .

  2. MissyMaguire

    The only problem is, at the end of the day, you can’t find one person to “sit” on “said committee” that is UNBIASED enough to make the right verdict.

    The guilty party would get off “scott free” because every person ON that committee is just as guilty, and has just as much blood on their hands as the person doing the testifying.

    Our government is SO corrupt, that it infiltrates into every “committee” that is being used right now to hear Petraeus’ testimony

  3. Slam Dunk

    Tyrants have a way of getting to people, such as the main stream media, through threats and/or promises of goodies, if they also lie and cover-up for the tyrant. Obama allowed our patriots to be RAPED, tortured, and murdered. He did NOTHING! Charge him, try him, and put him in prison. He has violated our constitution since his first day in office. Our forefathers gave us explicit instruction on what OUR government is allowed and not allowed to do. They gave us explicit instruction on handling a tyrant government. We, the People own this government. Not the other way around!

  4. L.E. Liesner

    I’m not sure but couldn’t the House initiate an “Independent Counsel” to investigate this mess. I know they did so for Clinton’s hanky-panky behavior. This is far more serious then the Clinton stuff, this deals with national security.

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