ObamaCare: Cutting Hours in Cedar Falls, IA

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  • I am no seasoned professional, but I think you just manufactured an excellent point. You definitely find out what youre talking about, and I will get behind which. Thanks for staying so advance and so reliable.

  • Cedar Falls! That’s where I did my undergrad — University of Northern Iowa.

    • There’s a Northern Iowa? Ha, kidding of course. Our family only visited the lovely state of Iowa once and that was specifically so we could tour the Hoover library. We loved the patchwork effect of all the different crops growing on the rolling hills. And we liked the library too.

  • Liberals seem to never “get” that people WILL do what you tell them matters: if you say a new tax (Obamacare) applies to people who work over 32 hours a week, then they will do what they must to see that as few as possible reach that threshhold.
    Why does this surprise anyone? Chalk it up to liberals’ “understanding” of economics (which is next to nil…)

    • Right John. These actions were all foretold. There should be no surprises.

      I am going to be posting layoff notices and increase or drop in health care insurances that are directly attributed to ObamaCare plan. Maybe eventually people will see the correlation.