Obama to McCain: Stop Picking on Susan

By | November 14, 2012

If the press conference today is any indication, we are in for a long second term of a patronizing, protecting, progressive president. After many softball questions that almost appeared to be coordinated Obama was asked about Senators McCain and Graham’s recent comments concerning a possible Secretary of State position for Ambassador Susan Rice. When asked about Rice, known better for her inaccurate assumptions of what the administration knew concerning the Benghazi tragedy, Obama’s feathers became ruffled. He stated Rice gave her best understanding of the intelligence that was provided to her.

Then sounding rather peeved, he told John McCain to stop picking on her.

You can watch the question and answer in their entirety realizing it is a thirty second answer stretched out over three minutes:

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been outspoken in their quest for the truth of happening at Benghazi. The military background of both men has given them insight to the possible scenario.Their questions of statements made by Ambassador Rice appear to come in a search for answers more than an attempt to besmirch the administration’s spokesman on this issue.

McCain wasted no time responding to the president’s chiding:

Given the hands off nature of this president one has to wonder if McCain is right, does the president really have a grasp of this situation or was he isolated to the facts? Given the carefully worded comments by President Obama one also has to wonder if Rice will be the next person thrown under the bus?


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