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Liberals: Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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  1. Kachonka, Reading your comment indicates, to me, at least, you either have not read the articles by CDN contributors & Salon & MSN or have not questioned HOW Obamacare is to be paid for….or perhaps are new to CDN.( in that case, WELCOME) This is another perspective in a conversation that has been taking place on this site for some months now.Aside from ‘learning what’s in IT’ we are trying to figure just how in the heck we’ll pay for it..All Warren is asking of those that critize the decisions of successful businesses & states that opt NOT to participate in Obamacare to offer some solution or answer. In other words “put up or shut up”…”lead or get out of the way” Hope this helps make it more coherent. The post by CDN are still available.

  2. This article is incoherent. Please have someone proof read it and edit it. Until then,,,,,