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One thought on “Let’s stop pretending that deep defense cuts can be done safely

  1. Jan Brown

    It doesn’t take rocket science to know that a nation with a weakened economy & a weakened military is, in fact, a weak nation. These are the firewalls between us & ‘them’, &why the USA has been considered ‘exceptional’ by the rest of the world. The mismanagement of both seem to be ‘dismantlement by design’ by those envisioning the perfect unity of all. IF one truly wants to make cuts at DOD, let’s look at the itemes included in the budget. There is a multimillion annuel contribution to a fund that saves some critter (can’t recall which of endangered) this is hardly contribute to defense or security & where there is one there is more.PERSONNEL of the civilian nomenclature. Once hired, government employees are almost impossible to fire…& they know it…GS-4’s-5’s average 21K annuel, a GS-12 is well over 100K. If you went to each military base & eliminated the excess personnel just imagine that amount alone.And while more & more cyber techniques come into play…nothing replaces the baic foot soldier & his hands on even during a power failure..but I digress..Do all field grade officers (& often their wives) need cars & drivers?

    I don’t give a tinker’s____if you name is Stimpson, Rand or Muki Mouse..either get sensible & SPECIFIC or return to you neandrathal cave & let real men with real military knowledge be in charge of our defense…that includes worn out congress/senate inhabitants.. & Leon Panetta..

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