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2 thoughts on “Four More Days

  1. Jan Brown

    VICTORY IS IN THE NUMBERS !!! There’s truth in the “no vote is a vote for the (other)guy” A no vote also indicates an inability of unwilliness to take responsibility for the stewrdship of this great nation. THE REASONS ARE PLENTY & MANY. Ask around, you might be suprised at who needs a ride to the polls. In ’08, I found 3 people within a couple of blocks, turned out to be quite a good feeling. I got a call last Tuesday asking if we could do it again. YOU BET WE CAN

  2. Kerry Royce

    This is purely the result of Progressive policies. We have wasted billions of dollars on so-called green energy, which just turned out to be Obama bundlers. We have wasted trillions of dollars on jobs that were not quite “shovel ready”.
    We have nationalized car companies and given them to the unions.
    I could go on and on and on and on…
    But Progressive policies simply do not work. Look at Europe!
    Barack Obama and his Chicago thugs need to go back to Chicago ASAP! Four more years of Barack Obama and his pals will destroy this country for generations to come.
    Under his administration. If you want to be an astronaut. You have to learn Russian!
    The Middle East is in flames. I don’t care what the Obama apologists say. I’ve spent years in the Middle East. I know people in the Middle East and things are bad. We could have been energy independent by now. The Progressive agenda is a cancer on American productivity. It helps no one! Don’t kid yourself. There are fatcats getting rich, but these are fatcats that snuggle up next to the Chicago thugs. President Obama has been the most divisive president since Richard Nixon.
    Poor versus Rich
    African-American versus white.
    Hispanic versus everybody else
    The coastlines versus flyover country
    Gay versus straight
    Women versus men
    the list goes on… Let’s just incite hatred so that we can get elected is the Obama mantra… The heck with what it does to to the country. I am not a big Romney supporter, but I just cannot put up with four more years of the Justice Department that doesn’t work, the Treasury Department that just prints money, and the list goes on… Please think about your vote in the next four days, and I don’t begrudge anybody for voting for anybody they want to but please think carefully about your vote because your vote does count. That’s my opinion. For what it’s worth!

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