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For Love of Country

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  1. Michael has given us a clean & clear picture of the differences between a true AMERICAN form of government & the form that paves the road to bondage & slavery. We have freedom of choice through our creator’s gift of ‘free-will’ The ‘how’ we use it is entirely a personal selection. Most have made that decision. Many are not happy wih either of the major candidates. PLEASE “vote for love of country” & NOT for Gary Johnson. This will crush all the hard work that Libertarians have done to become revelant & may well allow the socialist agenda to continue expansion. A Romney win will allow a lull in this effort to become a major influnce & ‘live to fight another day’. Let us set aside our Machivailian egos & truly put this magnificant country first. Americans UNITED in cause & prayer cannot be defeated. For the record, I am a registared Republican, but worked the campaign in ’08 for a Libertrian & discoverd ‘there’s a Libertarian in most of Americans. Make this a true “WE THE PEOPLE” day long remembered.