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4 thoughts on “Evaluating the PAKFA

  1. Joe the king

    Blah blah blah about f-22 raptor.why everyone says f-22 is superior 2 PAKFA.WE all know exactly dat at this point F-22 is way more superior 2 PAKFA.
    PLEASE 4’ur Info.PAKFA is not yet operational n still need more treatmdnt to become fully operational plus stealthy…it has many defect as of now.
    But dnt ignore the fact that west fears PAKFA.N in coming years PAKFA will fuck F-22 badly…… 4’now…all hail king F-22 raptor !

  2. Rkapo

    Who is this guy – Zbigniew Mazurak?
    Only 4 X A2A missiles internally? – Reliable Russian Source Please!
    We have not seen the new improved Missiles yet for the Pak Fa – all developed or near finished according to Russian sources.
    The Irbis-E radar – Since when? Why then are they testing there new ASEA in the third prototype?

    The PAKFA has a WORSE thrust/weight ratio and a WORSE wing loading ratio than the F-22. At 50% fuel plus a full internal missile load, the PAKFA has a T/W ratio of 1.19:1! Where did you get that?
    Source please? – We don’t even know its exact size or weight yet – not released. The SU35 achieved considerable weight so most assume the Pak Fa will be very lighter also using all Titanium or Composite.
    Its first Stage One engines are about 400kg lighter than the F22 engines [Each]- Released by Russian sources. Recently they announced the Second Stage engine with more thrust will be lighter again – maybe ready in about 2016 and designed to fit all there older SU series aircraft as well as the Pak Fa.
    The overall superiority of the F22 may be correct but it also may be wrong? Only time will tell.

    1. Subbu

      I completely agree with rkapo. The usage of irbis pesa instead of a zhuk derivative or similar aesa is ludicrous. Simijarly tw claims are highly suspect. I also found the radar band stealth claims especially in the l-band pretty funny. All in all, the article is very amateurish.

  3. Raptor1

    If you look at where we stand right now, we are at the same point we were in the early 1980s.. The F-15 was clearly the best fighter out there, and the Russians were test-flying the RAM-K, which would become the SU-27 line of today. The big differences are, the F-15 was deployed in big numbers and the F-16 was already fielded too, and the SU-27 did not make a big global appearance until only recently. The situation today is much more serious because it LOOKS like the Russians are rapidly approaching fielding of a fighter which seems very formidable, with the express intent being to mass produce and field world-wide. With only 190 Raptors total, and the F-235 program only now making real progress, what will the “red vs blue battle map” look like in say 6-7 years? The way we’re going now, I’d say we’d have taken a MAJOR step backwards, regardless of what the Pak Fa and J-20 and -31 individually are capable of – They’re stealthy, they have AESAs. they’re cheaper, and they are designed for mass production and export… a deadly combination of attributes. especially given the expected price and delivery of full-up capabilities for the -35.

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