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Election Aftermath – I’ve Just Decided To Not Have Children

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  1. I made that decision 30 years ago. There were lots of reasons, but one of them was bringing a child into a messed up world. Even then, I could see the political winds were blowing the wrong way. I am now 50, I’ve never been married, there are lots of reasons for that, too. I have no children, my siblings have given me lots of nieces and nephews to love, as have my friends, but I am worried for them, and sad for them because right now, the future looks bleak. I will fight everyday until I die to save them from this disaster! It is my responsibility since my parents helped screw things up by not paying attention to what government was doing to the laws, regulations & schools, I need to help fix it. After saying all of this, I encourage all you young people to find someone you love and have lots of babies, they are a joy. I remember my Dad telling me, he died 41 years ago, to never trust the government, God Bless him, it’s the best advice I’ve ever received.