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Courageous to the End; Mexican Mayor Found Murdered

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  1. Thanks for your comments Jan. I was looking at a map yesterday that was marked with deaths of mayor/police chiefs in Mexico. Many, as you mentioned, happened right along the border.
    Your idea of choking the drug runners from the Guatemala side might have merit. Unfortunately, we did not elect a president who seems to have much interest in what is happening in our neighboring country.

  2. …What’s more, this is not the exception anymore, it’s the rule of what regularly happens…& more on THIS side of the border than is generally known or at least, reported. I have worked with & am in contact with Border groups in Arizona & Texas. I also live on the I-20 corridor that regulary is used by traffickers of human & drugs. An increasing number of ‘busts’ include OTM’s (other than Mexican) The so called ‘dream act’ mandated or voted on are without any redeemable value until WE CLOSE THE BORDER by applying the THE laws on the books already. Only when the illegal infiltration of our broders is under control can any “comprehensive” reform take place. These ‘poor’ ILLEGAL trespassers DO NOT live in the shadows…you can check the welfare office & Wal Mart for proof. There are no figures, stats or info on how many “student visas” have expired & where the ‘students’ are.. (& these are the more desirable characters) How about moving United States Troops that now are on MEXICO’S SOUTHERN BORDER (defending Mexico from violence from the Guatamalan*sp side? Yes!!It’s true, at least in ’08. There will be more Marias as long as we have open & unsecured borders.
    As easy site to see current videos is on TexasBorderVolunteers….Amenesty is not the answer. remeber how miserable Regan’s attempt in the 80’s worked.