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18 thoughts on “Communist Goals Are Being Met In America

  1. Lyndon

    Seems many are commenting that these are not the real Communist goals and it’s just a “parody”. Wrong. More than once, since the 1930’s has the plan of Marxist-Leninists been revealed on how they exactly they would subvert the USA. In 1963 documents were revealed. You can Google “1963 Communist Goals” and find the released document.

    There is also the KGB Propagandist, Yuri Bezemov, aka Tom Schuman, who defected in the 1970’s and was interviewed in 1983-84 by G. Edward Griffin. Yuri conducted 2 lectures in Los Angeles which were recorded and taped and can still be found on Youtube. You also can view an interview with Yuri Bezemov which will shock you on how accurate his 30 yr old predictions were.

    1. chris vaca

      Thanks Lyndon,I am sure you cleared things up for DAVE. bUT some people will not face the truth.

    2. Dave

      the only thing that comes up when you google “1963 communist goals” is this list, which again, was published by a mormon guy with no connections to or inside knowledge of the communist movement.

      and i mean, there are a few things that aren’t just inaccurate but are the opposite of reality – the part about supporting abstract art, for instance. rather than being promoted by communists or the soviet union to somehow sap america’s strength or unity or whatever, abstract artists received generous support from many parts of the US government in order to demonstrate the artistic and cultural plurality that was present in the USA, as opposed to the USSR.

      i’m just saying, i don’t really care what your opinions are about communism, and i’m not particularly worried about changing them – but if you want to dislike it, you can do better than bond-villain parodies.

      1. Chris Vaca Post author

        The bottom line is this, Communism is a destructive force, it enslaves the people that are forced to live under it.

        1. Dave

          like i said, i have no interest in changing your opinion – but this list is not a factual document.

  2. Dave

    that list was never published by any communist organization or author and seems to have only been mentioned in “the naked communist” which was written by an anticommunist mormon guy…

    this list reads like what it is, a parody.

    1. chris vaca

      You might think it is parody, but it is exactly what Commies believe.

      1. Jan Brown

        Now ‘this’ is a parody…a ridicule of truth..” A couple of Russian farmers gathered for their daily homemade vodka & talk…”how wonderful that we can have the same things as the city people have & not work as hard.”, said one. Another chimed, “Ah yes, what fools they are to work so hard & have no more than we do under this redistribution ruling. What a grand Czar we have”. With a huge sigh, the 1st farmer said, “I’ll not plant as many potatoes next crop.”…When the next potatoe harvest was underway, a large government truck pulled up & ordered the farmer to put 2/3’s of his crop in the truck to be distributed to the ‘city folk’. Some days later,, as the farmers sipped on their vodka, one remarked, “this tastes different, not quite right.” “Da” said the other, “Ran out of potatoes, used radishes.”….this is parody, not the list, regardless of where/when published.

          1. Jan Brown

            Thanks, Chris. It’s you, Kyle et al that inspire my brain to travel far & beyond where it has never traveled before…with only hope of return to planet ‘norm’

      2. Dave

        well, no, its not. there are plenty of ways marxist-leninist organizations went about their goals in the 1960s – most of this material is publicly available in fact – and neither their objectives or the methods used to work towards them are anything like this list.

        this reads like something a bond villain would say.

        1. chris vaca

          There are what Commies say then there are what commies truly believe, you can take that list to Commie central, because that is what Commies believe.

          1. Dave

            no, look, it really isn’t. i’ve been a member of more than one marxist-leninist organization and their critiques of the USA, their goals, and their methods have no relation to that list.

            i mean i’m just saying, as someone who is personally familiar with what “communist goals” are.

  3. Ed Wallis

    Nice graphic, but, Lenin’s should read INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISM, as that is a better description of Communism, particularly vis a vis Nazi-ism.

  4. Jerry Peters

    I actually read that book some years back. People need to pay attention.

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