Are conservatives too far right for American presidential elections

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  • While it is true that the GOP needs to re-evaluates much of it’s stand let us consider the mighty old oak tree. It can withstnd hurracain force wind only if the branches hasve give & the roots remain firmly planted. If the GOP went to the boundries you mention, then we’d all be Democrats.

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    If the Republican Party hopes to survive, it must become less racist, less intolerant of those with an alternative sexuality and lifestyle, generally less bigoted, supportive of immigration reform and less religiously intolerant than the current GOP. Failing that, the GOP can hope for time travel to be made possible, so it can transport itself back to 1950’s America, when a few white Americans had it good and many other Americans (Blacks, Latinos, gays to name a few of the repressed minorities) had it incredibly bad.