An Atheist Charlie Brown Christmas

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  • My dear conservative evil bigoted etc etc etc friend. There are theological debates we might have, but you are on target with this train of thought. Without comparison, how can a child learn value or why something is or isn’t important. They can’t. I believe that ‘parents’ that must call attention to themselves are suffering a feeling of insecurity & don’t mind sharing it with their little ones. Only when ‘exposed’ to diffrent beliefs can there be a measure of ‘what is best” All we can do is pray (Yes, Liz, I said pray) I was raised Presbyterian, now probably a cross w/ Methodist. I have 3 grown children, 1 Catholic, 1 is some version of Chrismatic church & the other…well..he’s intelligent & like you. And all are productive & living among other humans quite comfortable…because they are ‘comfortable in their own skin’ guess they learned something from dear old mom.