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6 Vital Battlefronts in the Fight for America

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  1. Kira, I totally enjoyed this post. I believe you have pegged what we need to concentrate on. I particulary liked last paragraph, for, indeed,each of us has a skill or ability within themselves. waiting to get started. It’s a numbers game beginning with one. ONE starts with what I CAN do & leaves the cannots on the floor. It need not be big or flashy. You don’t need ‘clout’ or public speaking skills. Try ‘conversation’ with those you meet during the day. Example: About a year ago, a casual remark with the carryout at super market led to a conversation that continues with each visit. He was of mixed race & was hoping to go to the Community college in a couple of years. I made an off hand remark about the Constitution He had a puzzled look so I aked if he’d studied it in school, “Not really”
    I always ahave a few pocket copies, so I gave him one. I figured that was a waste. We’ve discussed that or other political issues with every visit. He said he never knew there was ‘that much’ in our Constitution..& thanked me. seems he was able to ‘use’ some of what he learned to win debate & qualify for a scholarship. Now he will share with others. Small, but a start…& beats the heck out of yanking your hair out. Yes, this is a war, make no mistake about it. We can sit & wait to become conquered slaves or we can stand & fight. We ARE NOT “ENTITLED” to let someone else do it for us