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Secret Santa Shares with Sandy Survivors

santa hat

In the midst of devastation one  Secret Santa has brought smiles. A Missouri businessman was found handing out $100 bills to Sandy Survivors along the hard hit coast of New York and New Jersey. He told reporters his plan of sharing with others was not about the money.  “It’s about the random acts of kindness,” he said. Secret santa gives ...

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Sandra Fluke: Too much for even the earth to bear


We are just days away from finding out who the 2012 TIME Person of the Year will be. You may be surprised to know that one of the 2012 “candidates” —  if chosen as Person of the Year — is literally “too much for even the earth to bear.” The Person of The Year is considered the person who “most ...

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Republicans Will Have to Swallow Tax Hikes

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 12.21.57 PM

As I’ve said previously, I hate tax increases, but I’ll settle if a 10:1 deal is reached.  Ten dollars of spending cuts, including welfare state cuts, for every one dollar raised in revenue.  It’s a rational deal.  If we can retake the Senate, and maintain our majority in the House; then perhaps we can discuss making other changes more palatable ...

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Is It A Woman’s World?

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 4.21.15 PM

I won’t lie.  I found Suzanne Venker’s piece about the ‘war on men‘ interesting, thought-provoking, and controversial.  In the process, she has reaped a whirlwind of left-wing hate.  It’s no surprise that today’s economy is better suited for women.  Manufacturing, the lynchpin of male labor, has collapsed – and now scores of men are left without the skills necessary to ...

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Rep. Argues for Repeal of Free Speech


Most Americans view the guarantee of free speech to be the cornerstone of all other rights contained within our Constitution. Our founders certainly saw the importance, judging only by its placement as the very first of our Bill of Rights. As with so many other traditionally American values, though, leftists seem to be competing against one another to see who ...

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A Compassion Primer


This really isn’t for conservatives. It’s dedicated to all those people who don’t understand why conservatives are always talking about taxes. It’s a an explanation of sorts.   You can follow me on Twitter @kiradavis422 and subscribe to my YouTube Channel – Kira Davis

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The Land Of The Free, Think Again


Little by little, I have noticed that many freedoms are being taken away from us, but we do not seem to care; as a matter of fact, we seem to laugh and make light about it. I am not talking about big freedoms, but little things. But a freedom is a freedom, and it does not matter how small it ...

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Rebuttal of the IISS’s and Alan Simpson’s false claims and statistics


The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) falsely claims, and has produced a graph purporting to show, that the US spent $739 billion on its military in Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 and outspent the 10 next countries combined. China supposedly spent only $89 billion in FY2011. Supporters of deep defense cuts, such as Sen. Rand Paul (RINO-KY) and former ...

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In Deep with Michelle Ray 11-29


When: Thursday, November 29th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: In Deep with Michelle Ray on Blog Talk Radio What: Join Social Media Director of ConservativeDailyNews.com, Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) as she discusses the issues that impact America. Tonight: Come listen to a lovely lullaby about the US economy. Sure to include fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, and pretty bubbles. We’ll also talk about the ...

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A Soldier’s Simple Deck of Cards


This story dates back to 1778. Once you hear the story, you will never look at a simple deck of cards the same again.

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ObamaCare: Unaffordable to Working Poor

obamacare fallout

But you say, “How can that be? I thought the Affordable Care Act would mean health insurance coverage for those very people. The working class who don’t qualify for Medicaid but don’t have coverage through their work or who have preexisting conditions…” From Bloomberg News: To Megan Hildebrandt, President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act means she can no longer be ...

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Biblical Evidence: The Birth Date of Jesus Christ


This time of the year is a celebration of Life- the Life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This video very interestingly lays out the dates of historical events that can point us to the approximate date of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Liberals Are Ruining the Next Generation

mdanys (CC)

The other day, one of the few liberals that is still speaking civilly with me on Twitter suggested that I write something on a David Brooks column. I dutifully warned him that it probably would not be something that he would like, and have no doubt this could very well annoy him enough to stop paying attention to me altogether. ...

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Obama’s Plan: Tax Now, Cut Later


Obama has demonstrated zero flexibility on his insistence that higher tax rates for the wealthy kick in on January 1, 2013. To those familiar with “progressive” modus operandi, it is not surprising that the White House and their “progressive” political allies envision Medicare and other “entitlement” savings happening ten to twenty years from now. This is what “progressives” call a ...

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