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Workplace Violence Label Means Fewer Benefits for Fort Hood Heroes

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  1. Just more proof of a non-American administration showing in all ways how the lives of Americans matter nothing to them, especially not our soldiers, nor our ambassadors!

    • And to say that ‘workplace violence’ was easier to get a conviction is such an outright INSULTING excuse to AVOID the label of terrorism!

      obama has the same political agenda to avoid acknowledging Islamic Terrorism as liberals had from the beginning: wanting to blame America instead.

  2. Workers’ comp can be helpful, but this goes so far beyond WC….and it WAS a terrorist. Sure, he was a co-worker but he had very specific goals in mind…..

  3. There is no more honorable occupation that one that serves our beloved nation in our Armed Services. There is a need for regulations & lawful orders. However, all military personnel esily recognize that the consequenc of not to follow ‘implied orders’ can equal that of a direct command. There is no ratioal reason to jepordize their years of hard work with noncomplmence by acting without ‘proof postive’. Phyic exams, trained observations etc are ‘educated opinions’ subject to interpitation, not proof of intent. “Political correctness” has our military leaders standing on a bed of egg shells. If we want them to lead, we must get out of the way!! There is no doubt that Hasan was, IS a terrorist!! And this was a deliberate act of terror. The military present were there ‘in compliance’ with instructions or to honor & encourage their comrades in arms. Make NO mistake…This enemy ATTACK was absolutely equal to one experienced on a field of combat…..& MUST be acknowledged & treated as such!!
    Our brave unselfish fighting men & women must know that WE HAVE THEIR SIX !! at all times.
    Workplace violence, my foot!!