Will Supreme Court Affirmative Action Case End Reverse Discrimination

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  • Can’t end something that doesn’t exist.

    • Jon, I can’t tell by your comment if we just aren’t on the same page w/ this issue or If I’m totally missing something. My comment meant that the needle hasn’t moved & we are still experiencing the same divisive actions. Do you not feel that there is discrimination & that it often divides the people?

  • This ‘incident’ is proof positive that “We have NOT come a long way” In the mid to late ’70’s there was a reverse discrimination case against UCLA Medical School. There was a white male student denied admission to Medical School despite boasting a 4.0 average from H.S. & a 3.? his inital 4 yrs in college. He learned that a black student with a much lesser grade results had been admited. His suit made it to State Supreme Court where he was ruled against. I escaped California aqbout that time & didn’t follow beyond that…hmmm “the more things change, the more they remain the same”