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Thought the VP debate moderator was bad? Crowley intends to go farther

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  1. janbrown says:

    “Debate” certainly takes on a different meaning these days, yet nearly as different as ‘moderator’
    From indications I heard today, Ms Crowley is carrying the mantel for ‘women’s femminist groups. She apparently thinks that womem have been ignored for these events & this round the 2 women are being relegated to the ‘less important’ dabates because men don’t think ‘they'(women) are smart enough. And it’s pandering & part of the war on women. This is NOT MY opinion…

  2. SovereignMary says:

    This is disgusting. But, what else is new? These egotistical moderators don’t care about the questions or the answers we the people wish to hear. They only wish to push their agenda’s. Especially if those agenda’s usurp this nation’s ONLY Supreme Rule of Law!