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The Forgotten False Benghazi Narrative

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  1. I just hope this truth isn’t buried as deep as “THE birth certificate & passport info.There are American lives at stake!! I don’t care ‘where’ or ‘what’ position anyone was in, even the lowest of clerks, failure to come forward makes you complicit in Murder

  2. I don’t mince words and I don’t get a “gubbamint” check, so I call ’em like I see ’em.

    The President of the USA must be arrested for treason against her. Mitt Romney must not declare Obama “off limits” after Romney is elected.

    I just sent my fourth RRR letter to Obama. Previous correspondence dealt with everything from the economy to “Fast and Furious.” You can see the letter at my blog at http://www.virginianewssource.com/jpk.

    Oh, you may be intrigued that I use my full name. I send the FBI alerts at their web sites blasting them for avoiding investigations of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. I’ve sent them four alerts burning their britches. They are afraid to respond because everything I send them is true.

    The corruption in the DoJ and in the Obama administration at large is absolute!

  3. Great article singling out the main culprits. Since that time it has come out that they watched the whole thing going down in real time and help via security was told to stand down. Charles Wood the Navy Seal and his buddy were an hour away and disregarded the command and went in and saved 30 people before they were killed. Obama, Hillary, Rice,Petraus all knew as they watched it from the beginning and now admit they knew it was Al Quesda two hours into the fight. There is a theory floating around that more and more people seem to be accepting that sounds plausible. That theory is that Obamma made a deal with the muslim brotherhood to have the ambassador kidnapped. He would in turn exchange the blind sheik for the ambassador and look like a hero right before the election, but he hadn’t counted on the Navy Seals being there and the fire fight ensued. The President of Libya warned that this would happen several days in advance and Obama and Co.still didn’t evacuate the embassy or send in help.

    Good article.I think those four should be broughtup on charges. At least Obama and Hillary and Rice.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I hadn’t hear the kidnapping narrative fleshed out until just now. If there’s ANY way that can be shown to be true, this truly IS a presidency ending scandal.

      • Here’s the link to the theory about the ambassador being kidnapped. It’s from Free Republic.A good conservative site.Sean Hannity has been working real hard on exposing the Benghazi cover-up and had Tyrone’s father and brothers and sisters on his TV show. So far FOX is the only netrwork exposing this.
        Two SEALs ruin October Surprise