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3 thoughts on “Thanks, Obama, For The Writing Topics

  1. janbrown

    Veracity = (accuracy of statement; accordance with truth)[Webster] For that reason I will accept your comment as a ‘sincere’ offering. The last 4 years has been a litany of things that were created by the Bush administration so powerful that they have elevated Bush to such levels of super strength that have never before been available to the mortal man. With all of this power & control of the world, I have just one question. “How the heck did we get stuck with Obama?”
    For the record, I am a Conservtive American & it wasn’t ‘Bush’s fault’ I just took advantage of the free-will granted by my Creator.

  2. Veracity

    What a litany of distorted, selective, misrepresentative hypocrisy. US World Bullies stomp around, hated globally. You create world economic disorder thanks to the Moronic cheney-bush-halliburton conspiracy. Now you bleat because of Neo-con failure ! Pathetic

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