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Attn Seniors: Obamacare is Not Medicare Friendly

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  1. Let me add to the horror story aks Obamacare. My husband was in treatment for 4th stage cancer when his primary care dropped him & will not be treating medicare patients So much for oaths….It literally has taken months to find a replacement & one whose English is difficult for him to understand. I asked WHY & was told that the doctor has unpaid medicare bills from 2 years back that haven’t been paid…We are blessed with excellent Radiation & Chemo doctors that are ‘filling the gap’ If this is now…what’s ahead?…oh yes, there’s that election thing that includes Congress & the President. We can make this like Burgr King & have it our way.

  2. Good article Theresa. I’m glad you posted it.Doctors are starting in already not accepting medicare. My friend’s mother had to find a newd octor because her doctor was no longer accepting it. Also if you are a medicare patient that has been to a hospital and has to return within 30 days they will not accept you to defray costs. This is the beginning of rationing. I don’t know if you saw this or not,but here is a link to a short video telling what is in Obamacare and it’s not pretty.