Attn Seniors: Obamacare is Not Medicare Friendly

By | October 31, 2012

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2 thoughts on “Attn Seniors: Obamacare is Not Medicare Friendly

  1. Jan Brown

    Let me add to the horror story aks Obamacare. My husband was in treatment for 4th stage cancer when his primary care dropped him & will not be treating medicare patients So much for oaths….It literally has taken months to find a replacement & one whose English is difficult for him to understand. I asked WHY & was told that the doctor has unpaid medicare bills from 2 years back that haven’t been paid…We are blessed with excellent Radiation & Chemo doctors that are ‘filling the gap’ If this is now…what’s ahead?…oh yes, there’s that election thing that includes Congress & the President. We can make this like Burgr King & have it our way.

  2. Jim Clayton

    Good article Theresa. I’m glad you posted it.Doctors are starting in already not accepting medicare. My friend’s mother had to find a newd octor because her doctor was no longer accepting it. Also if you are a medicare patient that has been to a hospital and has to return within 30 days they will not accept you to defray costs. This is the beginning of rationing. I don’t know if you saw this or not,but here is a link to a short video telling what is in Obamacare and it’s not pretty.

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