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Romney to win Presidential election IF…

At CDN, we always push for our readers to participate in American politics. You should read, write, call, register and most of all VOTE. In this, the most important of recent elections, your participation is most important of all.

Obama took the 2008 election pushing hope and change. Hope for a better economy, a post-racial America, a less-divided political atmosphere and an America better liked by the middle-East and communist countries. How much of that has come true?

Attacking our founding document as flawed, entrepreneurs and job creators as greedy corporatists and Conservatives as radical racists has been the mainstay of the Obama administration and liberals in Congress. All this while blaming everyone else for negative outcomes and taking full credit for any positive results.

The Obama ground game is strong. Those reliant upon government subsistence is the highest in memory. Americans who would prefer to be self-reliant are demonized. It’s time for a change – one that returns this nation  to its once former greatness – Reagan’s shining city on the hill.

When did you write your Congressional member last? What sign is in your yard or bumper sticker on your car? How many doors have you knocked on or voter registrations have you garnered?

This is not the election to end with you asking “if only I had” this is the election for you to ask now “what more can I do?”

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The next President will surely nominate one of not two or more Supreme Court Justices. Who would you rather that be?

The next President can either unite Congress around the common cause of dealing with our fiscal issues or continue to divide them on ideological lines. What would you prefer?

Many of us have poured three or more years of our lives and finances into campaign efforts and reversing the damaging efforts of the current administration. You have only to give three weeks of service to take your country back. How will you use them?

Envision another four years of an Obama White House and then..  the alternative.

This is a simple plea – make a choice. Do not sit this one out. The election nears and Obama can be de-elected, if only, you decide it should happen.

Every one of you matters – make it count.

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