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3 thoughts on “Romney in Big Trouble

  1. Jan Brown

    Only one shoe has hit the deck….and they come in pairs. I thought it was clear that Obama left his ‘A’ game on the shelf & suffered shell shock that someone, anyone would ‘talk to him like that’ and have facts to back it up. Regardless, this is round one with time train. While Chris Mathews lost his tingle & the dismay of many is likely sincere, I think that Moore & Mahar’s remark may have been delivered to boost their own failing ratings. I just hope that Romny wll do as well & that Obama will let his rear overload his mouth with his one liners & shows his ghetto self . It’s still a long road home. Light the prayer candles, cross everything you can & don’t lose hope. We CAN do this,

  2. freedomgal

    I would take this viewpoint a step further..
    I believe there is a strong possibility that obama deliberately intended to create the impression he was the poor black guy getting pounded by the rich white guy. Could it be he felt the position of underdog would create enough sympathy to propel him into the WH for 4 more years.?

    1. Michael J. Fell Post author

      An interesting idea, but had Obama thought that strategy out in advance, everyone in the media would have been notified by Valerie Jarrett and tit would have been the post debate narrative.

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