Polls turn on Obama, Mitt-mentum continues

By | October 22, 2012

Mid-day on Monday, two polls were released that show Obama continuing to lose ground in his bid stay in the White House.

Gallup released its results for the daily Presidential Tracking poll. Among likely voters, Romney now holds a 6 point advantage over the incumbent 51% to 45%.

Also released today was Rasmussen Reports likely voter poll for Iowa showing Obama and Romney in a tie 48% to 48%. Reflected in CDN’s Election Center electoral map, this moves Iowa from leaning Obama to toss-up.

Gallup has been recently criticized for having bent to pressure from the Obama campaign. The pollster’s credibility is being challenged for having included a larger portion of minorities, democrat-leaning questions and more cell phone users than prior polls. These changes were demanded by representatives of Obama’s re-election effort and despite those changes, the Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney’s momentum increasing.

Recently polls in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio and other battleground states have shows Romney turning the tide. More likely voters in all but the most left-leaning states are turning to Romney as the choice for President in the 2012 election.

Newspapers that tend to be liberal are also abandoning the President. The Arizona Republic, a typically democrat-friendly publication just recently endorsed Romney stating “We expect better job growth in a Romney economy mostly because Mitt Romney does not fear or dislike a free-wheeling, growing, free-market economyWe cannot say the same of President Obama.”

With the economy at the forefront of voter’s selection criteria, the third debate to be held tonight is unlikely to sway voters in either direction. The last debate has historically had little effect on the election and early voting has been going in many states for several days.

All polling and trend data is pointing to a Romney win as long as likely voters turn out to vote.

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