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Even Kids Know Redistribution Sucks


Steven Crowder is at it again, and this time he’s showing that even the kids “get” that redistribution sucks – especially when it comes to candy!

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Obama’s Xanadu Comes Crumbling Down

Boy, how Obama has fallen since the time he came into office with all his talk of hope and change. Very little of what Obama promised us has come to pass. The man who gave a good speech, turned out to be just a lot of hot air. As time went on America saw that Obama was nothing without his ...

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No, Conservatives Don’t ‘Hate’ Stephanie Cutter

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 5.15.28 AM

Here we go again. Those mean conservatives ganging up of a poor, helpless liberal from the Obama campaign, which happens to be the president’s deputy campaign manager.  We don’t “hate” Stephanie Cutter, which Amanda Marcotte suggested in her October 23 post on Slate’s feminist “Double X” blog.  Ok, let me walk that back – most conservatives don’t “hate” Stephanie Cutter. ...

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On November 6th, Remember Obama’s Record

Obama Messiah III

In 2008, America was tired. War-weary.  And fearful of an impending financial crisis. The country hungered for change. Candidate Barack Obama offered the nation a sappy-sweet promise of “hope and change” full of high emotion and little substance to which many disillusioned Americans fell prey. In 2012, America is more fearful than ever.  The promised change has not come.  In ...

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The Obama Youth

Recently an advertising agency by the name of Goodby Silverstein and Partners came up with an ad that asks viewers, “what would the children of the future think if we let them down this November and blames mom and dad for electing Romney. This is the Obama Youth, same as the Hitler Youth, staring blankly into space singing about Romney ...

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Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


10/30/12  Let the countdown begin! Exactly one week until we decide the fate of our country. And as if that weren’t spooky enough, tomorrow is Halloween. I’ll reveal my costume! Also Sean Seibert, who is running against Sheila Jackson Lee in Texas’ 18th Congressional District. Tune tonight at 10pm Et, 7pm Pacific on the CDNews Network on Blogtalk Radio.

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Reasons and numbers


When compared to 2008, Barack Obama’s early vote advantage has dropped by 22 points.  That is according to Gallup, one of if not the most respected American poll. In this year’s early voting Mitt Romney leads Obama by seven points, 52-45 percent.  Four years ago, Obama led John McCain among early voters by fifteen-points, 55-40 percent. The latest National Public ...

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Hurricane Sandy – How To Help


. As Hurricane Sandy begins to weaken and pass, cleanup efforts and relief are needed.  Here is how you can help through the American Red Cross. NOTE – Only use reputable charities and organizations in order to avoid scams. FINANCIAL HELP Financial donations help the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters ...

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How Far Will the Left Go? Pretty Darn Far.

senior michael moore ad

So, this last week we’ve seen a young adult talking about her ‘first time’, an ad filled with sexual innuendo and references; followed by younger children with sad little faces and drawn mouths singing wanly about the wanton destruction of the country due to their parents’ foolish votes for republicans and now this: MoveOn.org has teamed up with Michael Moore ...

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Obama Wants More Music to Be Political


Obama granted MTV an interview, and one of his concerns is that today’ music is not “explicitly” political enough. I’m sure this is one of the great concerns for all those people on unemployment!   Get More: Music News   H/T Human Events

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Coast Guard Rescue of HMS Bounty


A replica tall ship, the HMS Bounty was caught in Hurricane Sandy Monday. Though the crew tried to sail around the storm they lost propulsion and began taking on water forcing them to abandon ship. All but two of the crew were able to make it into the emergency rafts. At least one crew member died from injuries sustained, In ...

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Desperate Times Call for… Children? New Pro-Obama Ad

children ad

UPDATE 10/31/12: The song has been changed from public to private viewing. Still available for like-minded but not for the rest of us. But, you can read the lyrics and know this is what some believe. Just in time for Election Day, one Obama PAC is promoting a frightening new ad about the state of our country.  Using fear and ...

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