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Open Letter To Moms

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  1. Erin & Sally both make some very valid points. This is a HUGE issue that has not clear cut lines, but is overloaded with prespectives. (&emotions) For a brief time I cashiered at a boc store & got quite an eye full. I saw food stamps buy steaks, lobster from gold chained customers while I stood on my feet 8 hrs a day for minium wage & hambuger. Then there were Moms gently guiding a small child to a single ‘treat’ that SNAP covered. Today, we do have those that have need while adjusting to job loss, or having been allowed by the same government to buy homes out of their affordabilty. The ABUSE ALLOWED is wherein the problem is. You have generation after generation of ‘entitlement’ mentality, there are ILLEGAL trespassers being rewarded for breaking the law & a Government that is so desperate to be liked that it’s halloween 365 days a year.
    Yes Erin & Sally, you both have a clear view…This is a reason to look at Congress under a microscope when we vote on Tuesday. As Sean says “You are Great Americans”

  2. Perhaps it is about the cultures of stereotypes in our society. I teach many children who are poor and the parents can barely pay for a house/car, etc. and need the assistance and when they do have money spend it on designer clothes and shoes (sometimes from the thrift store according to my students) so that their child has some status rather than become bait to the bullies. It may seem ludicrous to some, but I understand why this is happening. My mom is on disabilty and “SNAP” and is one of the people at the store the first of the month. I pay for her phone so she can have a means to keep in touch. I am glad it is available to her because I cannot bear the burden of caring for her. It is not quite so cut and dry. There will always be people who are in need. I have seen both sides…neither one of them is going to fix the problem and neither one of them is 100% responsible for causing the debt. To fix the debt there will have to be handouts whether it is free healthcare or assistance programs, planned partenthood, assistance for employment; otherwise we just cut them loose and watch them resort to crime and sickness? I understand why people do not agree with the government assistance programs, but what is their solution? There is no easy answer. I do agree that parents need to teach their children to be responsible and save money, but some people fall hard on their luck and reaching out a hand is so much easier than kicking them when they are down. I am a working mom and know that things are just rough all over. It sucks from all angles.