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Obama’s Promise to Fund Jihad in America

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  1. BINGO !!! Suzanne Enjoy sharing your space.

  2. How can so much destruction take place in such a short time? My hindsite allows me to realize that this ‘movement’ began long before my brain gave “gave birth” to recognition of the Muslim/radical Islamic religion. It began with the congressman from Illinois was sworn into office using the Koran in place of a Bible. I thought that to be ‘rather odd’ & perhaps a little ‘UnAmerican’ but no alarms went off. I’m afraid many of Christian Americans had similar experiences & failed to realize the full threating impact to our own ‘freedom of religion’. In other words, we heard the rattle.. but didn’t see the snake….Now that we do, we must chop off the head. “Money talks” so we must cut off the head througfh funding of ~all organizations~ that even slightly indicate a connection to this Muslim religion. And we must take a good long look at our ‘vetting’ process (starting with our personal approach) and Polictical Correctness must go!! COMMON SENSE makes an excellant replacement…”if it looks like a duck, walk & sounds like a duck…The ONLY ones we owe anything to are our Founders & brave men & women that dedicated their lives to Keep it in tact.

    Susanne, the only exception I have with your well researched information would be the seemingly use of the word ‘Democrate” to describe these evil “taqiyyas”. Many of that party still cling to our Constitution,Flag & all it stands for.

    Looking forward to more.

    • Jan, you coined it! “we heard the rattle..but didn’t see the snake.” And yes, Americans must watch where we spend our money & ensure we’re not funding these agendas. About use of the term Democrat, I’ve considered that as well. I think I do clarify it with “most,” which is the case. I use the term in part to wake up Democrats who are not speaking out loudly enough for us to know they’re there. If they don’t like that association they need to correct it. I also use that term now, specifically, because we’re in an election between the two parties.

      Thank you for reading, for your comments and for your constructive criticism, I appreciate it very much.

      • Suzanne, said this way I yield to you. I agree that ‘slience’ easily is part of the problem. Perhaps there is just so much debris in my path that I stumbled over the ‘bump in the road’..

        • Thank you, Jan. It is good to know how that might come across ro readers in general, though, and I do appreciate it.

    • Obama was not sworn in on a Koran. That is a widely debunked story that got traction because some people were very eager to have the worst of their paranoid delusions confirmed. In 2007 a Muslim American named Keith Ellison was sworn in using Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, but the big differences here are A) he is a practicing Muslim and B) his name is not Barack Obama.

      • I’ve seen that allegation repeatedly and wondered where it came from? Thank God that much of the process was held sacred. I enjoy your knack for coining phrases: “some were very eager to have the worst of their paranoid delusions confirmed.” How astute – and true :).

      • Jon, seems perhaps I wasn’t clear on my “congressman & Koran” I know it wasn’t Obama, couldn’t recall Ellison’s name & thought He (Ellison) was from Illinois. Thanks for the heads up..have a tendancy to figure everyone is a mind reader.

        • If it’s any consolation, Jan, I didn’t read you that way. Wasn’t sure what generated Jon’s comment.

    • Wait… are you for freedom of religion or not?

      If you are for freedom of religion, then muslims and christians would be entitled to the same rights and respect.

      If you think that christianity deserves a special place in your country, then you are a bigot.

      Rather simple, huh?

      • A bigot,a baker, a butcher & a candlestick maker all set out to sea..in hopes to find out what might better be…much as the searchers aboard the Nina,the Pinta & Santa Marie….Your own studies of history teach that ‘freedom of religion’ was to be free to practice Christianity in peace without persecution & violent punishment was their driving force. It was also a large block in the base of My Constitution & I proudly give it a ‘special place’ in this, MY country. I DID NOT SAY, I was againt the Muslim religion, I DID say that using the Koran ‘seemed’ unamerican..a vast difference. I DID say that funding should be stopped to the Muslim causes. WHY? Much for the same reason you probably shut & lock your doors….to protect that which is of great value to me.
        If that makes me a bigot….so be it.

        • If they meant freedom to practise christianity, you would think they would have been explicit in their wording.

          If christianity formed a large place in the constitution, why is it never mentioned in the constitution? In fact, where is the mention of the bible, god and jesus?

          “Your own studies of history teach that ‘freedom of religion’ was to be free to practice Christianity in peace without persecution & violent punishment was their driving force.”

          My own studies have taught me that a mere 14 after the recognition of the US as a nation, the treaty of Tripoli was signed. In this treaty it explicitly states that ‘the government of the united states of america is not in any sense founded on the christian religion.’ This treaty was written under George Washington and was signed by John Adams, and it was rather specific on the matter, don’t you think?

          • Very nice reply, Jan.

            Jay – What you regard “rather simple” does not translate to the rest of the world adhering to your over-simplified perspectives. So far your words alone have exemplified the definition of “bigoted.”

            It’s a fool’s chore to debate anyone dedicated to self-indulgence. Nor do I have any intention. Rather and purely for sake of all readers, I suggest understanding the truth AND context of the Treaty Of Tripoli as opposed to your maligned, cherry-picked and just as over-simplified one-liner.

            There are numerous relevant facts about this Treaty that debunk your quippish mistake. Article 11, to which you’ve alluded, is a mere snippet from within its own highly-questionable context, further taken from outside the Treaty’s entire historical context; language of the Treaty cannot be attributed to George Washington nor did he even read the Treaty; when the Treaty was reworked a mere 8 years afterwards Article 11 was conspicuously absent; and John Adams, the president under whom the Treaty was ratified – in a conversation with Jefferson about Muslim Pirates of the Barbary Conflict that this Treaty addressed – stated (among countless more):

            “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were…the general principles of Christianity…I will avow that I then believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God; and that those principles of liberty are as unalterable as human nature.”

            I find it indisputable that America was indeed founded a Judeo-Christian nation. IMO only those stretching beyond reason for misconstrued fragments, in trying to re-enforce what they’d rather believe, will cherry-pick nits from an otherwise massive body of Judeo-Christian founding evidence to the contrary.

            As for what I personally believe about a barbaric and murderous “religion” seeking further to violate our nation’s laws in denying us of our own, versus an individual’s God-given liberty to practice their faith, is clearly beyond your capacity to grasp. Don’t presume otherwise else you prove yourself guilty of the very bigotry you allege.



            Bigotry defined: Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.