Obama Refuses To Answer Direct Questions On “Requests For Help” In Benghazi

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  • I fear our own ‘Ghost’ is has wandered into the wrong ballroom & tripping a light fantstic w/ a few mis-steps. Perhaps because his bandleader is calling a medely of tunes w/ many tempo changes. ( I know I’m having a hard time keeping up). I’m not sure ‘who’ Lybia’s Ambassador is, but OUR Ambassador is a symbol of the huge price this (USA) country is paying. The fact he was required to even enter the area without protection on 9/11 is an issue every American needs to understand before it is ever allowed to be reapeated. On a personal level, I want to know more about the arms deal(s) this administration is doing on ‘my behalf’

  • #GOP + #Teaparty Continues To Dance On Libya Ambassador’s Grave Hoping for Political Rain.