Obama gets no post-debate bounce in polls

Rasmussen Reports  has released the results of the first set of post-debate polls and so far, Obama has received no boost after a much-improved performance in the second debate.

After having basically failed to show up at the first Presidential Debate, Obama came out swinging this last Tuesday. Many, including CDN’s editor, gave a slight nod to Obama in the debate for his overall debate performance, but noted that he fell flat on American’s #1 election year priority – the economy.

Today, Rasmussen released it’s first tracking poll that contained nightly results from after the debate in which Romney holds a 2 point lead over the President 49% to 47%. In the survey, the candidates are garnering almost equal support from their bases with Romney holding 85% of the GOP vote and Obama pulling in 87% of Democrats. Among independents, Romney holds a 9 point lead.

The poll shows declining support for Obama among women with only a 4% advantage over Romney nationwide. In swing states, Romney does better with women according to a pre-debate Gallup  poll.

Rasmussen Reports  also released the results of its first post-debate Ohio poll and the results are showing a statistical dead heat with Obama pulling in 49% and Romney 48% – within the margin of error.