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UPDATED! Obama Administration Says Iran Ready to Negotiate

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  1. “Tell Putin I’ll have more leeway after the election” It appears that even A-jad got the message.And no doubt may see it as a leverage. Iran is aware that ‘talks’ buy yet more time.(as is anyone that had paid attention) However, if while they appear to ‘try’ to reach an agreement an act of agression would serve to validate some form of retaliation. As Sherlock would say….”elementary, my dear”
    No one cam ‘blame’ Obama for being desparate to fill at least one or two of his ’08 promises. The one I was counting one was when he gave about the ‘one term presenidentcy!!!
    He still has time to close Gutanamao & move the leftovers to Thompson Prison. …to hell if the
    American people don’t want it….”Let them eat cake”

    Remind me again, How am I better off 4 yrs later?

    • I agree Jan! Just “updating this story” once again, and wondering why all the denials—-except if you take into consideration, the “P5+1” Countries who are suppose to be really “negotiating” (whatever that really means!) Maybe they don’t want flack from them? Who knows, this is just another intentional “leak” of info from the White House, the truth of any of this? Who knows? It seems to be a real dog and pony show once again.

      • Hmmm, I dunno, I think even the dogs & ponies have left the circus tent. All I see is the dernier of bald derriers scrambling for the last of leftover caca del torro that can be spread to hide other nefarious deeds or misdeeds… I call these ‘intentional leaks..cork popping w/ aim. We know this ‘sharing of info’ was planned..isn’t it always?