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Know Your Enemy & You Probably Don’t

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  1. Not only is it proable that many of even the most devout Patriot knows the ‘enemy’ or has until recently even thought beyond the obvious. My own ‘awareness’ that there was more than what meets the eye came with Michael Savagge’s “The Enemy Within” In this “war” to save our great nation KNOWLEDGE of our enemy is imperative & our greatest weapon. Our enemy is not just the Muslim radical, Arab & Eastern countries. Often the enemy is within arms reach or closer with just a crumb of evidence on the sleeve of someone we know. This crumb has many ‘names’ & was formed by the influnce passed & nurtured from genertion to generation . Perhaps there is truth in “I am my own worst enemy”…for I have accepted all that I know as truth….We need to ‘fact check’ ourselves first